My Uncle's Dental Health

"Let me see it again, uncle. Again."

He gave me an indulgent wink and smile and then turned to look over his shoulder to make sure my mother was still in her bedroom. He tilted his head back slightly and opened his mouth wide. I peered into it like a dentist. The warm moistness of his breath was mixed with the stench of onions, which he ate like apples.

His teeth were in amazing condition. They were a white, straight and still intact except for one molar in the right side of his jaw. It was only a strong shell of a tooth, completely hollowed out, though not by rot.

At first I couldn't see her, but then there she was. Caught unaware by the sudden light she darted across my uncle's tongue to her tooth home. In that brief instance I saw that she was entirely naked. Though her nipples were almost too small to see and her pubic hair could not have covered the end of a matchstick, it caused a passionate lust that is still with me today.

This story was made into a stop motion short in 2007