The Quartz Allegory of Mainland China

"What did she say?" I ask.

"The wolf is coming over for dinner." he replied with a grin.

Great. "The wolf is coming over." That means sheep, vegetables and boring conversation consisting of mainly grunts and barks.

I can see her through the arch that leads to our small kitchen. I watch her dance from counter to stove, giddy like a girl with her long brown hair. Smiling too broadly so that it showed her teeth.

There's a scratching at the door and I lock the cat in the bathroom. As I turn the door knob I can hear him whispering through his teeth (teeth dulled by city living).

"Everyone thinks they're P.T. Barnum," he growls, "but they are also fooled by the egress."

I reach for the leash.


This story comes from a memory of a circus Ungeheuer had attended in Berlin as a child.

"I had gotten lost outside the circus, separated from my Uncle and his friends. I was wandering in the woods and I could hear the scurrying and howling of wild dogs. I could see the flash of their eyes and knew they followed the circus around on its travels. There was an evilness there."