Love of a Physical Beauty

"And over here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the famous Roberto Patterson." The guide motioned to the far corner of the traveling cage that was set up as a rather nice bedroom. In the corner sitting in a cushioned chair was, indeed, Roberto Patterson. Aside from his rising and falling chest you would have thought him dead. His head hung heavy from his limp neck, his chin on his chest, his eyes wide open.

"Once a famous traveler and explorer, he discovered the tomb of Helen of Troy, the famous face that launched a thousand ships. Her body was uncorrupted by the passing of time and her face more beautiful than ever."

"How beautiful, you ask? How beautiful was that face, Ladies and Gents? So beautiful that it drove Roberto to kill his entire entourage, including four children and two women, in order to keep the discovery to himself. "

The small group crowded a little closer to the cage. "He was found five years later wandering the streets of Greece, a complete mute with only his notebooks to provide clues to his identity. Those same notebooks contained the entire unremorseful confession of his crimes, but not a smidge of evidence as to the whereabouts of the tomb. Photocopies of his notebooks are available at the main entrance at such an inexpensive price it's a necessary souvenir, I assure you."

"Now over this way is yet another rare treat."

Everybody in the group crowded even closer to get a last glimpse. Everybody, that is, except for 13 year old Jacob. Jacob's only interest in the traveling show was to discover if a man really could have three eyes.