Odin's Eye

With one hand young Eric gently lifted up the edge of the shrub exposing the large black rabbit. It looked up at Eric, blinked rapidly in the sun, then went back to calmly grooming itself as if its back leg weren't caught in a wire loop.

"Hi big fella", Eric said softly. He knelt cautiously, trying not to spook the animal. He reached down and quickly grabbed it by the back of its neck. He strengthened his grip, but the animal wasn't struggling. Its fur was rough and old, but the rabbit was still quite fit and strong.

Eric moved his right hand down and grabbed the rabbit's back legs. It kicked, but it was too late. With one quick motion Eric stretched the rabbit out and with a jerk snapped its neck. The rabbit kicked and then went limp. Eric removed the wire loop from the leg and lay the rabbit next to his pack. As he was resetting the trap the rabbit started bucking in the grass like a fish. Eric frowned and reached for it. With one panicked convulsion the rabbit hopped up and took off across the open field. Its head swung wildly from side to side as it ran. Eric didn't think about giving chase until he realized that the rabbit wasn't slowing down. By the time he started after it, it was barely visible, running as if it weren't injured at all.

Hidden safely, the rabbit moaned in pain. The source of the pain was not the broken neck which had already started to heal. The pain came from the tiny fragment of divinity deep inside the rabbit. It writhed in misery at having been mistakenly imprisoned in the body that it made immortal.