The Tragic Death of Princess Malia Hannah

She lay as still as she could popping almonds into her mouth. She savored the dusty skin as it rolled over her tongue and the sweetness as the tender meat gave way. She searched out every last piece from the crevices of her teeth and when it was entirely swallowed she popped another into her mouth.

She could feel the content bear cub inside her, moving around, poking, scratching at her cirrhotic liver. On occasion she could see the impression of its nose or paws press out against her skin.

"You love your almonds, don't you darling?" she whispered as a tear cut a path down her dirty cheek.

Yes. The cub did love its almonds and the almonds kept it from being hungry, but as it ate the food meant for her it grew larger while her skin began to hang from her bones. There wasn't much time left.