Another Failed Jailbreak

It was at the talk right before the book signing when her lung popped out of her chest. She didn’t immediately feel the cut but the thin trickle of blood made her left breast itch. It served as an early warning.

“I… I’m sorry…” She stood back from the podium and doubled over in obvious pain. An audible gasp came from the audience.

She was able to get out, “It’s fine….” before breaking into a coughing fit resulting in a pool of blood on the stage. The audience were up from their seats and began rushing to the front of the theater. Flash bulbs popped drowning out the spot light.

She dropped to her knees with a scream. Her left lung burst through the cut and tore through her blouse in a bloody explosion. The audience members let the flashbulbs to simply drop to the ground as they replaced them and continued taking pictures of the incident.

She grabbed the lung quickly and rolled over on top of it. The pain was excruciating and even as security finally started pushing the crowd back they could hear her sobs. Some even caught a blurry photo of her hunched over pushing the lung back through the cut.

The medics kept their distance and formed a loose semi-circle around her. She finally flipped over on her back in the pool of blood she had created and cleared her restored lungs with a final violent cough.

Her agent rushed out onto the stage and covered her with a blanket. The medics had a gurney ready for her. As they lifted her she coughed twice and then gave the audience a victorious thumb in the air. The audience broke out in a riotous applause. Her agent took the microphone to explain what had just happened to the unbelieving.

As the medics took her away she massaged the quickly healing cut. She was a month away from her 289th birthday and there seemed to be a good chance that she might live forever if she could just keep her organs from escaping.