The Day Her Husband Died

The front room of their second floor apartment was wrapped with windows. Three filled the front wall and there was two on each sidewall. Late afternoon sunlight fell on the only furniture in the room, a small table and three chairs. The first time she saw him she was putting out a plate of cookies. Only the bridge of his nose, his bright blue eyes and a head of close cropped brown hair showed in the front middle window. The plate of cookies had less than an inch to crash loudly to the tabletop, but in that time he had disappeared.

"What on earth...?" she walked over to the window and peered out. No movement was to be seen aside from a bird taking flight, but when she turned back to the room he was now to her left in the farthest window with no more of his head showing than before.

"dear lord." She whispered backing as far away as possible.

"You... you get out of here!" but he stayed, blinking and watching her. She thought her heart would burst when, slowly, a second head rose in the window next to the first. It too showed no more than the bridge of its nose. It was identical to the other face in every regard save for the period between its blinking. Before she could even react a third head identical to the others appeared in the front window directly to her left. She jumped away and realized there was yet another head in the window she had been leaning against. A scream broke from her lips and she backed out to the entry way of the room. By this time all seven windows were filled with the same man's head. She was trembling and gripped the edge of the entry way for support.

"joseph", she whispered referring to her husband. "oh dear joseph. where are you?" Her husband, however, would not be coming home that night, or, for that matter, ever again.