The Goddess in the Soil

When the goddess fell from the heavens, the incredible weight of her body caused a deep impression in the earth. The trees splintered under her, the soil parted like water and even the rock beneath the soil cracked. Innumerable people were crushed under her weight, while the dust and dirt kicked into the air blotted out the sun for weeks.

Just a decade after The Fall, millions were making an annual weeks-long pilgrimage to view her entire body. Her magnificent face was too large to be taken in from any one location. Her golden hair stretched for a mile beyond the canyon she had created. It shined so brightly in the sun that the first people to arrive to view her were blinded. Some cults insisted you start your pilgrimage at the head; others insisted you start at the feet. Sometimes violence broke out between them.

Every part of her body was a paragon of beauty except for her hands. Each hand had six fingers which seemed to have incredibly long nails that spread out like massive lace curtains. However, a closer inspection of the fingers revealed each of them to be a new, smaller arm. Each of these six arms ended with six new, smaller arms for fingers themselves. These arms, too, ended in six more arms and so on. They spread in hydra-like recursion until they were too small to be seen.

Some hypothesized that it was this monstrous part of the goddess that caused her to be cast down from the heavens, but it was this part of her that generated the most interest among humans. Many set up camp there at her hands, never continuing their pilgrimage any further up or down the length of her. Two villages popped up in the dappled shade of the long nails on either side of her. The one on her left side was far more popular as the one under her right hand had a reputation for thieves and grifters.

The goddess herself never moved from her bed of soil and rock. Whether this was due to the crushing force of gravity, the immense task of circulating blood and oxygen through her earthbound body, or perhaps just the pain of her fate will never be known. She lies there still, the beating of her heart walking dinner plates off tables and the occasional whispered moan shaking the entire continent.