The Demigod's Glass Heart

Most of the tour group refused to even enter the room and more than a third that did enter left almost instantly. It was the sound. It wasn't horribly loud but piercing and unnaturally painful to listen to. It was like the scraping across a chalkboard. A knife scraping a plate. Glass on glass.

Jacob was one of the remaining five of the audience that stayed. The guide had to raise his voice to be heard.

"And here we have Joseph Aviocardius. Born over 300 years ago. A demigod whose father was Bethalus and his poor ravaged mother, Joann. His glass heart made him immortal, but the pain it caused his human body threw poor Joseph into a paralyzed state at the age of two or three. If you can stand it, you can come up to the bed and listen to his chest for his breathing."

Jacob was first in line.