The Statue of Clovetide

"And here we have the minor god Clovetide, the god of disappointing children. He spent millennia putting spoiled children in their place until he punished the wrong child. He saw a small boy kick a cat in the street and orchestrated things so that the boy tripped on a brick a second later. The cruel young lad broke his front tooth and rolled back and forth on the ground crying with a swollen bloody lip.

"What Clovetide didn't know was that boy was Raphael, the grand nephew of the dark god Brethsael. Raphael's mother, the Mater Noire of the Toiling Sisterhood of Brethsael, organized a sacrifice of a thousand goats, a thousand pigs, and twenty-one cows matching the magic number of Brethsael's name. The State later sentenced her and five other Toiling Sisters to hang by the neck until death for mass livestock larceny.

"However, Brethsael heard the cry for vengeance and threw a massive feast with the offerings in the 5th Tier of the 8th Fold. At that three day carnival, he collected the power he needed.

"Clovetide was walking down an alley in search for breakfast when he tripped over a cat. Brethsael's curse froze Clovetide halfway through that fall which, but not completely. Clovetide was destined to live a brief fraction of a second of that fall for all eternity. Practically frozen in place while time moved on for the rest of us, he was found and sold as an oddity. A statue that pulsed like it was a fast beating heart.

"But make no mistake good folk! This is no trick statue or enchanted object. This is Clovetide himself reliving for all eternity the initial panic of a fall that first passed many centuries ago.

"Now I welcome each of you to feel for yourself the pulse of this cursed god, but please, just a light touch for each of you. We have a large group today and what we have in store for you next will amaze you!"

Jacob was still shaking from his experience in the last room and was not sure he wanted to touch the statue at all. Many other members of the group had already left the tour.